iPad enrollment without user (Faster enrollment)

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Hello everyone,


We are using 600+ iPads and they getting enrolled multiple times to have a clean iPad again.

After the basic steps in on the iPad, and when the basic apps are getting installed it can take 30mins before Intune pushes the Apps or policy's


Now i've tested the same in Jamf, and after 2 minutes the new Apps and Policy's are getting deployed to the iPads.


Is there any way to make it faster on Intune. 30Mins is way too long to get all the apps and policy's on the iPads.


I do know there is a sync powershell script. But that doesn't help to force the first enrollment steps, so im really searching for a faster way to finish the enrollment of these iPads so they can be used faster.


Really hope someone has an solution for this. (And still wonder why Jamf can do it soo fast, and Intune need 30mins -.- )


Regards Jeroen

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Interesting about your experience with Jamf. We've managed iPads in Intune for about 3 years and have found 15-30 minutes is pretty typical for policies and apps to apply after enrollment/re-enrollment. I wish it was faster for our process of setting up devices, but also so that if a user resets their device, they can't slip in changes that are normally prohibited by our policies.