iOS Intune Issues

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I have three questions here:


1. How do I stop the attached from popping up - it always pops up even if 'cancel' is pressed.

2. Is there anyway to remove the bloatware from the device e.g. Health etc when the device is being enrolled?

3. Why can't you push out VVP apps to the company portal?



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The message appears because the app was likely not acquired through the VPP Program or the VPP is not configured in Intune.

First, you should check in Intune if the VPP is set up correctly and functioning without errors:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Go to Tenant administration
  3. Select Apple VPP Tokens

If it's not set up properly, you'll need to do so. Here's the documentation for setting it up:

Once properly configured, the purchased apps from VPP should automatically appear in Intune under Apps / iOS as IOS volume purchasing program apps.



If you then assign the app, the popup should no longer appear


Regarding question 2: You can purchase the apps you want to automatically delete through the VPP Program and then, during assignment for all devices, set them to Uninstall. This will automatically remove the apps.

For question 3: What exactly is the error message or error image you're encountering?