iOS - Guided access app unavailable. please contact your administrator

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When restoring an iPhone from an iCloud backup, are you able to use Company Portal authentication when running Company Portal in Single App Mode until authentication?


We are seeing an error message pop-up on their screens for awhile but eventually they snap out of it:


Guided access app unavailable. please contact your administrator


These devices are ADE (formerly called DEP) with a VPP token for the Company Portal app.


We want to use this single app mode so that our users don't forget to sign into the Company Portal app within the 24hr limit. Too many times they wait too long, or forget entirely, and then the app doesn't detect the management profile that was configured on the device via ADE and tries to have them download a new profile. Also, if the user deletes the VPP deployed Company Portal app, the next issue is how does one re-install it since it was a VPP app?


Screenshot of enrollment profile config attached.

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@Kevin Taber I have just come accross this as well, would be interesting to see what the fix is if you/anyone else found it?

Still occurring any resolution here?
This is happening to me in the exact same situation.
As far as I know, MS is ending the Company Portal enrollment model. (see

Our company has the exact same scenario as you, but we've made the jump to Setup Assistant with Modern Auth. The scenario you describe where the process jumps all over the place due to Apple's prompts stepping on the MS ones is a huge struggle.... but you can get the device enrolled. All I can say is make some noise.