iOS. Change user group assignment to device

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We have a User group assignment that needs to be changed to all devices. The assignment (to devices) does not effectively change. Does the config profile come off the device and back on with this change or is the device intelligent enough to realise I still need this config. Thanks

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hi @Johnnyw100,


The policy re-assignment can take some time to get reflected at the device level. First, the policy was applied at the user level now at the device level, so the device will be evaluated again for the policy and reporting can take some time. To see more details on it, you can use the graph to get more insights. 





Yes thanks. Everything takes times in intune. Would the device remove the restriction profile from

itself then reapply. Need to ensure no unintended effect on device even for a few minutes. 

@intune gurus. What do we think re the last comment. Thanks