intune troubles

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I have been trying to get Intune to work for over a day and have gotten nowhere! I am logged in to Microsoft 365 via my company email and we are trying to setup Intune as an MDM with Apple business. Once I'm in the Microsoft Intune admin center NOTHING works nor am I able to get any support. Would love if there was an easy way to contact a Microsoft employee for real time help but I have had no luck there as well. Anybody have any info on how I can get this to work or why it's saying "something went wrong" on 90% of the icons? PLEASE HELP

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What seems to be the problem? Share some details.
starting at the Microsoft Intune admin center home page. Everything in the "status" window towards the top says unknown except service health is healthy and (1) connector error. Moving to the devices tab I receive an error notification " something went wrong, unable to fetch per platform device counts". I am trying to set up the mdm with our apple business account. Our company has an office 365 subscription and I am under the assumption that Intune is included in that subscription. Not sure what other info I can give seeing that mostly everything on the page isn't working. I have no restrictions as a "user" of our Microsoft 365 account. I am open to answers any questions that would speed up this process.
Have you setup Intune as your MDM solution in Entra?

What Entra roles do you have when accessing Intune portal? Try with GA first and then you can taper it down. Also, do you have an Intune license assigned against your admin account?