Intune-SCCM co-management


I am trying to configure co-management mode between SCCM and Intune, and I am getting this note In Endpoint manager in the overview Page:



[User PC]'s Windows PC is being co-managed between Intune and Configuration Manager. Configuration Manager agent state is shown below, if the state is anything other than “Healthy” there are a few steps that help with this.

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Could not connect
The Configuration Manager client is currently unable to reach the Configuration Manager management point. Make sure the client can communicate with the server. For more information on client communication issues, see the CcmMessaging.log, LocationServices.log, or ClientLocation.log files on the Configuration Manager client.
by checking The SCCM device page, I can see that the configuration manager client is installed and the statutes is healthy(screenshot attached)
any idea how I can solve this ?
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@Karim Hossam 


please check the below 


  1. Enable Co-management scenario From SCCM using global Admin with EMS License assigned
1) Has any device so far enrolled in comanagement?
2) any errors in CoManagementHandler.log?