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I am using roles within Intune and would like to grant access to the "enrollment issues"-view for some HelpDesk guys.

Monitor - Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center (EnrollmentFailuresList)


But I don't get which permission is responsible to enable that view. I can not find anything in the documentation.





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Roles are complicated but the good thing is you can copy/clone a role and customized it as per your needs, i would copy/duplicate the helpdesk role and even restrict it more, all the options which you want them to read, change, or even no read is possible, once you created your new role the same can be added to one user or a security group of the users.


You can assign them global reader rol in azure ad. This role can read almost everything in the cloud.

Other option is to use custom roles (rbac) and you can scope this to specific devices.


Scope of devices can be done with scope tags