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InTune not overriding existing local GPO

Steel Contributor

We have many laptops that were configured with a manually entered local policy (since we didn't have InTune).  Now that we have InTune, we want to apply a different value to the existing policy but it's not working.  It's only adding new polices, not updating existing.

We cannot possibly manually change every laptop to a new settings.  This is why we got  InTune.  I've manually Sync'd that laptop from InTune 4 times over 2 days and the setting will not update.  

The policy also shows Succeeded for that policy yet there is no datetime stamp on that view so can't actually verify when it was update/added/applied.  Also, the Succeeded is clearly wrong since the value didn't change so now I'm worried I can trust InTune at all.  

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Hello @luvsql,


Please, check the following article: Policy CSP - ControlPolicyConflict - Windows Client Management | Microsoft Docs

You need to create an additional setting that will allow you to override local group policies.