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HI Everyone,


What differences are there between inTune User vs. Device Licences? We are an educational establishment and are looking to use inTune to manage iPads and push out software to shared PCs, so far this is working but we haven't actually assigned any inTune Licences to staff yet...Do we need to get device licences or should user licences cover it?


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For shared devices it might be more useful to go for device licensing. For individually owned devices, especially when a user may have multiple devices, the per user license may be more economic.

There’s just so many different things to take into account, and based on the above I don’t think a proper recommendation can be made.

Indeed if you have a technology classroom, for example, in which students enter without having an assigned machine, it is interesting to acquire licenses per device. But if you have a group of teachers, or administration staff, who all have one or two computers assigned (something very common among teachers) it is more interesting to buy licenses per user. In any case, you can buy as many licenses as you want of each type. They are not exclusive. You should be careful how you assign each license to each user or computer.

Thanks for the replies, this is indeed a shared environment with most users logging onto a variety of different PCs, so will take a look at the device options for inTune