Intune Kontakte im Arbeitsbereich werden nicht aufgelöst

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Wir haben das folgende Problem:
Wir verwenden Intune für Android, und im Arbeitsbereich habe ich das folgende Phänomen: Wenn die Kontakte von Outlook auf das Handy synchronisiert werden, kann ich alle Kontakte nach Namen durchsuchen, aber wenn mich jemand anruft, sehe ich nur die Telefonnummer. Es gibt keine Namensauflösung. Können Sie mir helfen, wie ich dieses Problem lösen kann?
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Yes, they are.


"Kontakte speichern" means "Save Contacts". Every contact is saved with every information, such as name, phone number, etc. I am able to find a particular contact by searching by name, it just does not show up by call.

Did you create an Android Microsoft Office Apps Security Policy? "Transfer telecommunication data to" set to "Any Dialer App"


I didn't create any yet, last time i checked it was greyed out with the option "Any Dialer App". I thought, it should be the default, therefore it should actually work. Should is set the policy?



I did configure it for customers, worth a try
Can't serve any positive outcome. I did try your recommendation, and gave it some time, but it doesn't seem to change anything. I'm puzzled, I'm planning to delete the whole thing from the phone, wait a few days and reinstall it. Just to see if, maybe, something in background does something unexpected.

@BenceBal There's also this in an App Configuration Policy targeted for Outlook :


Sync contact fields to native contacts app configuration




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