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Greetings all.


Our organization has been piloting Intune for the better part of a year, and we went live with it last month.  I'm the primary Intune admin for our organization and things have been pretty good so far.  We're also leveraging MDE (Defender for Endpoint) in conjunction with Intune.  About two weeks ago, I noticed some anomalies in the Intune device listing where we have 35 devices that show MDE managed out of 922 devices (so not too much, but enough to notice).  Looking at the same devices in MDE show that they are managed by Intune.  Our devices are Azure hybrid joined.  Has anyone seen this kind of behavior?



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@KB850VR :

Check this ms documentation:


Could it be that the devices are only onboarded in MDE and not enrolled in Intune? It is possible to see MDE onboarded devices in the MEM Console without Intune enrollment.

Yes, these devices are enrolled in MDE. However, once they've completed enrollment into Intune the device's management status should update to Intune, correct?
That is correct. If you have enrolled these devices in Intune it looks like this is a display bug. Can try when you re-roll a device if this fixes the bug.