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Hi, I am having several issues using intune autopilot.  I can't seem to get laptops enrolled.  I import the hash they appear in the enroll list.  I can join them to a group and then nothing.  The laptop doesn't get any configuration updates.  I have also run into the problem of Intune not syncing with a laptop that was enrolled but I have rebuilt. I would really really love some specific help.

I thank all in advance for any and all assistance.



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Hey Mame,

can you check which version of Windows you are running? Try SHIFT+F10 (some keyboards require SHIFT+FN+F10) and then check with the „winver“ command.

For an successful enrollment you need a Professional, Education or Enterprise version of Windows 10 or newer.

If the version is right, try the Get-AutopilotDiagnostics module from PSGallery
Thanks, I am installing W11 pro 22H2...will try the Diagnostics today!
I ran diagnostics and it says the laptop is not an Autopilot device. Intune console says it is an Autopilot device. Arghhh. Can I reimport the hash or will that cause some sort of conflict?