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Hi All!


I need to understand why Discovery Apps don´t show the list of Win32 Apps installed in Windows 10 Client.


My Intune version is 1903. I found that after 1901 this resource was available in this link, but it isn't working in my cenario.


My client is Windows 10 1809 (Build 17763.379) Azure AD Joined.


I have deployed a powershell script and one Win32App, and I certificated that IntuneManagementExtension was sucessful installed on client.


I only see in Discover App the list of Modern Apps.


What I need to do in order to work discovery apps for all apps installed in machine?





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Hi @marcusprestes,


there are two sections with discovered apps in Intune. The overall list view does not show Win32 apps currently, only the device specific list view.


General list view does not show Win32 apps:




The device specific list view does show the Win32 apps:







@Oliver Kieselbach, thanks for reply!


I can't see Win32Apps in specific device list too:


General List:

Screen Shot 03-28-19 at 09.57 AM.PNG

Screen Shot 03-28-19 at 09.58 AM.PNG


Device list (not showing any Win32Apps):

Screen Shot 03-28-19 at 10.00 AM.PNG

Screen Shot 03-28-19 at 10.01 AM.PNG


Client (inventory key not showing):

Screen Shot 03-28-19 at 10.03 AM.PNG

Screen Shot 03-28-19 at 10.04 AM.PNG

Screen Shot 03-28-19 at 10.06 AM.PNG


Intune infos:

Screen Shot 03-28-19 at 10.14 AM.PNG


Screen Shot 03-28-19 at 10.15 AM.PNG

Screen Shot 03-28-19 at 10.17 AM.PNG


Which Intune Management Extension Version is installed?

In addition the Inventory cycle is every 7 days.

@Oliver Kieselbachis version


Screen Shot 03-28-19 at 10.27 AM.PNG


How to I "force sync" for inventory cycle?

best response confirmed by Steve Bucci (Microsoft)

okay 1.17 is the latest one... 

There is no real trigger to enforce the cycle, but there is normally a registry key 

InventorySettings with a value name LastFullSyncTimeUtc with the value of the last sync

I guess if this value is cleared the agent will run again...


the problem is your agent regsitry settings did not have the key InventorySettings...

As you can see from my comment below the blog post we're facing the same issue. I reinstalled a client to make sure to get the newest version of the Intune Management Extension. But the registry key InventorySettings is still missing. Is it possible that this requires a non-public preview of the Intune Management Extension (or maybe just a Windows 10 Insider build)? Has anyone else (except from the Microsoft MVPs) these registry keys? :)

Hi @Ricardo Czernotzky,


the IME agent is controlled from the Intune cloud services by delivering policies for configuration, installation and so on. It might be the case that MS didn't enabled this feature for all the tenants/clients right now. Your agent is able to run this but a policy needs to turn it on on your devices. This would create the registry key then. Features are in general rolled out in phases and therefore it is common that not all tenants see all features at the same time. When MS discovers problems during feature rollout, the feature might also be more delayed for tenants which didn't got the feature yet.