Intune Device Driver Updates show up as available but don't deploy

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I switched over to a Microsoft 365 Business Premium account and then set up a policy for my test machine in the new Driver Update section of the Intune update section.


The policy picks up my machine and is displaying a list of available drivers both recommended and other.  


However, when I release/approve the drivers, they never get deployed to my computer.  I suspected initially it was because my Windows 11 Update Ring has Windows Drivers set to "blocked".  However, when I unblocked it for a test run, it still didn't deploy those drivers.  


Reports show nothing is wrong, so there's no errors to see.  It's like there's a policy that needs to be activated/disabled before it can deploy those drivers.  Anyone else have this issue?

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@William Cunningham did you enable the windows drivers settings in your update rings policy ? 



@eliekarkafyI normally have that disabled, but I did turn it on for 24 hours and it still didn't update.  However, I wasn't sure if it relied on that or not as the documentation seems to indicate it doesn't need that setting enabled (which may just be my misinterpretation).  If it is required, I'll enable again and let it be for longer than 24 hours.

it is required so the update rings schedule handle the drives updates as well . keep me posted .

@eliekarkafy Thanks!  I'll re enable it and test again then.