Intune DEM account 1000 device limit issues

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Is there any way to exempt the DEM account from the Azure AD device limit restrictions?   Ours are set to 20 (per Microsofts own recommendation) and applies to the DEM account, taking a 1000 device limit down to 20.


Is there a way around that?  Are companies just changing that global Azure Device setting to unlimited or whatever it needs to be just to make the DEM account work as designed?

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I am afraid not..... (or I missed something)

"Applying an Azure AD device restriction to a DEM account will prevent you from reaching the 1,000 device limit that the DEM account can enroll."

Only Haadj is not limited by this setting if i am understanding this article below
Yeah, that's all I can find as well. I'm running a ticket up the flag pole, but it's a little frustrating because they told us to use DEM accounts for these devices but we've hit our recommended Azure device limit of 20. I got my GA to raise it until we can figure something out, but that raises it for all users and that doesn't seem like a good idea to allow long term.
Running into the same issue.
Did anyone ever turn up a solution to this? We've just recently run into it as well and I was trying to figure out what I missed, but it sounds like may be a more systemic issue than just our tenant.

@Katharine Steel No, we just stopped using it and just enroll the devices with the account assigned to the room/device.