Intune Dashboard does not update

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Thank you in advance for helping me out.


In Intune I have deployed a script 


But I've assigned it to a group where I removed all the members after I deployed the script. So the script is not assigned to a device/user anymore. My problem is that the "Device Status" in the overview pane does not Update 



How can I refresh this data so, when I reassign it to a group with members, I don't get compromised data? Or is the only solution to redeploy the script?



Please let me know if you have a solution for this


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Redeploying the script would be the only way to get correct succeeded/error statistics again, but I would advice against using the Scripts pane. It's better to use Proactive Remediation (If you have Windows 10/11 Enterprise) or use Win32 apps with a good detection script which runs a PowerShell script when it fails on a certain condition.
Thank you for your quick response. I will look in Proactive Remediation but for now I need to redeploy some scripts.
Yes, that would be it to get the results back without the previous results included. Please mark my answer as solution to mark it as solved