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Dear all,


I hope this message finds you all well. I have a few questions that will need your kind advice.


Basic info about us:

  • Both of us working for an organization as IT support.
  • The office got 25 members.
  • We are O365 and Intune admin, our end goal is to via the Intune to secure company resources, limited access for all the non-compliant devices.
  • Currently, on the testing stage for Intune policy. So, the policy will just apply to my colleague and me.


1) Both of us was a tenant in the Intune, there's a conditional access policy apply to him and me, for him, the policy working as expected, but for me, that policy it doesn't work properly and I can't see any error from the Intune. I've checked my account from the Troubleshooting & Support in Intune the status it shows a green tick.


2) Is there have a way to check the status of the group policy for the target user?


3) Have tried to re-assign the group policy to my account but isn't helpful.


4) We also worried, in the future, when we roll out the policy to the end-users, we didn't know whether the policy it's working as expected.


Thank you in advance. Your kind advice would be much appreciated.



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@Sk-73 Which conditional access setting is not working for you?


Use "what-if" method to troubleshoot

The Conditional Access What If tool - Azure Active Directory | Microsoft Docs



Thanks for the advice. 

Is the browser conditional access policy not working properly with my account. I'm still studying about the "what if" function.