Intune Certificate Connector (please confirm)

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We updated the Intune Certificate Connector and everything updated via the Intune portal so it appears as though everything is working as it should (shows Active).  Here is my question that I have been unable to answer after extensive reading through MS docs/blogs.


Please Confirm:

Is the name Certificate Connector for Microsoft Intune that is listed in the attached screenshot the updated name/version (essentially replaces) the older Microsoft Intune Connector name also shown?


I believe it is and also believe we need to remove the older 6.1904.1.0 version that is listed, but I cannot find documentation that confirms the name change.  Any assistance you can provide would be MUCH APPRECIATED :o)


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The connectors & token page in Intune tenant should give you the correct name.

Identifying the name in the Intune Tenant administration portal is not the answer unfortunately as the download link is labelled certificate connector and the actual file download description is Certificate Connector for Microsoft Intune (what control panel lists).

The question I need help confirming is whether Certificate Connector for Microsoft Intune was originally named Certificate Connector (meaning I have two versions of the software installed that are represented in the control panel and one needs to be removed)?

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Hi @CrimsoWarTusk! The "Certificate Connector for Microsoft Intune" and "Microsoft Intune Connector" in your screenshot are, indeed, the same thing.


To boost your confidence a little: you were right to look at its version number. Version 6.1904.1.0 is the last release for "Microsoft Intune Connector" and dates back to April 2, 2019. It was superseded by "PFX Certificate Connector", which was deprecated March 10, 2021, to be superseded once again by "Certificate Connector [...]". That last one is your current connector, which was first released on July 29, 2021 at version 6.2107.45.0.

Thank you NielsScheffers!!!

Oh my goodness. I had a feeling the name changed at some point, but could not find a single reference online. All the walk through guides that I have read also have other configuration steps which just confused things even more. Based on the Microsoft document I came across after the fact, my mistake was not first uninstalling the old Microsoft Intune Connector FIRST and THEN installing the latest version (Intune Certificate Connector).

We will see what happens when I remove the old version, but just to be safe we are capturing the account information in case a re-install is required.

Cannot thank you enough for this information and I hope this thread and the following link helps someone else avoid the time I have spent trying to make sense out of the evolving connector name changes lol

Take care sir :o)