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We have apps that auto install to devices when they are added to certain groups in AAD.

If the app version gets updated and installed on a device before the updated version is setup in Intune, Intune will re-install the version it has over top of the updated version.


With a lot of apps setup in Intune, its near impossible to make sure each one is on the current version at all times. Is there a way to have Intune only install apps one time and not try to install again or is there a way to tell Intune if you see a newer version of an app, dont install the version setup?


Thanks, much appreciated....this is becoming a big headache.

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Intune doesn't have supercedence like in SCCM.
What I do most of the time is unassign the old app and assign the new app.
that way, only the newest one is installed

@Thijs Lecomte  I get that, but its hard when you have a ton of apps.


In the case I deal with, we have various depts that all get their machines initially setup under AutoPilot configured for their dept, along with apps.


If one of those apps isnt updated in Intune and the dept see an updated version and install it, the old version will just try to install itself again as it no longer sees the MSI Product Code logic and thinks it needs installed again.


Something MS should implement in Intune, or is there a better logic to use for Intune to not push the app again to a device that has a newer version of the same app installed?

I feel your pain, good app deployment is one of the things Intune is currently lacking.

You could look into building you own solutions using the graph api, that automates the assigning/unassigning.

Or there are third party products that do this for you -