Installing Win32Apps while no console user logged on

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Here is the scenario:


I am currently working on a project to deploy and manage apps using only Intune. I have been packaging everything using PSADT. Now I am able to deploy full complement of apps like AutoCAD, Revit suites, etc. with success (even using Pre-Provisioning). I am using device assignment exclusively and managing the different software deployment formula using either Device Categories (or Group Tags within Autopilot Device for the pre-provisioning steps separately).


Now I am reaching the point where I need to put in place the setup to maintain all this with upcoming updates and hotfixes (AutoDesk mostly). As expected, I don't want to be updating apps while the users are actively using them in production so I have been experimenting with a way to perform the software updates using a combination of Superseding strategies along with some Requirements scripts (like detecting if the acad.exe is running or not) to automate the deployment of those updates. So far I have been successful, except that at some point my users are shutting down their PCs when not using the software's (Revit, AutoCAD, etc.). As you can imagine this poses a recurrent issue for the updates...


I am now experimenting with a requirement script that detects if a users is currently logged on (console session) on the device in order to allow the update to be performed. But for some reason Intune doesn't seem to be installing the software until the user logs on (even if the device is left at the CTRL+ALT+DEL screen, I even disabled the "Shutdown/Sleep" options in windows to encourage the users to NOT shutdown their machines for the updates). Obviously the user opens the update targeted software soon after logging thwarting the concept.

Any idea on this ?

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Hi, Wondering if you can update these Softwares at the time of launching like Zoom for example. When the user launch the software, it first upgrades to the desired version and then let the user to use the app. I am not packaging expert though. Just a thought. I am sure you must have considered this option.

@SN-7268 actually after further testing, the apps DO install as expected at the GINA. Just that the installation don’t report to Intune until the primary user logs in and sync with Intune. ;)

Glad to know it installed fine. Are you using any HKCU registries to detect the app after installation?
If not and If the deployment is a device based shouldn't it be reporting back just fine without waiting for the user log in?
No all detection methods are currently using HKLM registries, so I don't know why. Fortunately, since the software do install, I can see logs but they still don't report to Intune as installed until the primary user logs in. It's a bit of a hassle if the user doesn't sign-in for a while...