Installing Win32 Apps

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Hi Community,


Can you confirm how I would install a Win32 app for a .exe file.


I'm struggling with one part in particular which is the install and uninstall commands - which I can't find many articles about.


The software in question is currently: progeCAD Updates :: progeSOFT


So far I've seen certain commands for a silent install and for a 'installer.cmd' but I honestly don't have any idea how to do this.


If someone could help that would be a great help!



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- Create a directory
- Place all the installation files in that directory
- Create a install.cmd and a uninstall.cmd and add the commandline for installation and uninstallation in that
- Download intunewinapputil.exe
- Start intunewinapputil.exe and specify the path to the directory
- Specify install.cmd as the installation command
- Specify a folder for storing the .intunwinapp package
- Go to
- Select Add, Windows App (Win32) and select
- Walk through the wizard, specify the install.cmd and uninstall.cmd and System or User (Depending on the amount of rights needed) and all required fields
- Use Manually configure detection rules) as rules format and use File and specify the installation folder in which the program is installed and the executable with File or folder exists detection method
- Assign group for installation and save

Did that work?
Hi Harm,

It's this point that I am struggling with: Create a install.cmd and a uninstall.cmd and add the commandline for installation and uninstallation in that

If you could advise how I can do this to tailor it to the specific software that I have mentioned, that would be a big help!

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I searched for silent install and uninstall command lines for that software but couldn't find any. I suggest contacting support and asking them how to silently install and uninstall the software to deploy it using Intune Win32. Alternatively, a packager could wrap this into an MSI, which you could add to Intune.

There are a lot of programs out there which could have an install.cmd containing things like (This is a Dutch Adobe Acrobat installer):

AcroRdrDC1900820071_nl_NL.exe /sAll /rs /rps /msi /norestart /quiet EULA_ACCEPT=YES

MsiExec.exe /X{AC76BA86-7AD7-1043-7B44-AC0F074E4100} /quiet

It just all depends... I would recommend, which posts articles like containing details about install and uninstall parameters.
Thank you Harm! I've been looking at this stuff today and will continue to do so until I have found something. I will post in here if I do.
Installing and uninstalling Win32 applications (.exe files) can vary depending on the specific software and the installation method used by the software vendor. However, I can provide you with a general outline of how the process usually works, including some common commands that might be used.

1. Silent Installation:
Silent installation is a method where the installation process occurs without any user interaction or prompts. This is often used in enterprise environments for deploying software across multiple machines.

For silent installation, you typically need to locate the installer executable (.exe file) for the software you want to install. Then, you use command-line parameters to customize the installation process. Here's a general format:
installer.exe /silent /parameter1 value1 /parameter2 value2 ...