installing a exe but not working

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Hi all,


I am trying to install an emulator which is an exe with a license key but when installing it fails. 


I have been told that the install command is: 

Screenshot 2022-02-02 at 1.49.18 PM.png


But this doesnt seem to work via intune. 


I have packaged the .intunewin file pointing to the exe but no luck any ideas? 



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on this machine its only windows defender
Which could still block it ;) I've send you a PM
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Works :) 




- Renamed long .exe file to shorter name
- changed install.cmd to "ClassWiz_Emulator.exe" /l"1033" /s /v" /qn ISX_EID=xxxxxxxx" (Removed the serialnumber ;) )

Just like that! Wow Haah thank you! But say if I need the serial to be inputted how would I do that as I don’t want to go around putting it in.

You can use your command-line as you did before with the shortened .exe file at the beginning and including the serial number, I just removed it so that people here wouldn't see it :p Change it, create a new .intunewin package and test it in your environment and let me know!

Okay! Perfect I’ll try this and if all good I’ll mark it as best response! Thank you again !
Yes :) Good to see that it works now!
Thanks again!
Hi Harm, how do I update the license key with this script? Can I simply change the key or do I need to add a folder or file to create another detention rule?
I think that creating another Win32 package that supersedes the previous one is ok, you can choose that when creating a new one, and you can choose to uninstall the previous one in those steps too. Not sure about the detection rule, I don't know what you use now?