How to remove UPN from Intune Devices

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I have Intune devices that have more than one UPN listed.  Here's an example where each colour is a different user:


The Primary user was set on the Properties setting months ago for this device and is one of the UPN listed which I want kept but the rest removed. How do I do this?  Note: that the device has checked in on Intune as recently as today. TIA

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That's indeed a very good question...

*Are the other users on the picture still enabled/available?
*You are showing compliance policies, are you experiencing any problems ?
Yes, the other users are still active in Azure AD.
You are correct that the snippet is taken from the Compliance policies of the device. Recently, these policies were switched from being evaluated by User to evaluate by device. I'm looking to clean the Compliance policy page so that it's less confusing to figure out what policies it's failing on.

Could you explain what you mean with the sentence: Switches to be evaluated by device instead of user. --> device compliance policys (except the default compliance policy, when the primary user leaves/is disabled etc)
Our compliance policies were originally set up to evaluate based on the user's profile on the devices. Therefore if the user's profile wasn't removed from the system after the device was re-assigned to new user, both users would be evaluated for compliance. This increased our numbers of non-compliant devices if more than one user listed on the machine was non-compliant. For example Device #1 had user 1 & 2 who were not compliant, then it would count twice on compliance status. After a call with Microsoft support who pointed this out, the compliance policies were recreated to evaluate by device thereby reducing the non-compliant status numbers.




Thats one of the default (built in) compliance policies. If the primary owner is not logged in for an amount of days, it's not compliant anymore. If the primary user is disabled/deleted the device would be non compliant.

I guess just like you did I grouped all compliance policies into categories for some easier troubleshooting