How to mark a device ownership as "corporate" AUTOMATICALLY when new device enrolls in InTune or DEP

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Hi everyone,

I reviewed Microsoft documents and could not find anything on this but a manual process for current fleet by uploading a CSV file:

In the above document, it says if at the time of enrollment, Intune automatically assigns corporate-owned status to devices that are:

But it does not happening. We have DEP, and we have ABM also where our procured devices come true and get enrolled but they are not marked as Corporate-owned.

I also looked into the Microsoft Endpoint Manager Admin Center. I looked for some configuration options in Enrollment Program Tokens-->Intune --> profiles --> properties(attached) so I can tell the profile if device gets enrolled via DEP/ABM or user enrolled in Intune Company Portal, mark the ownership as Corporate. There is no options available there

We want to have the ability for our enrolled devices to show up as ‘corporate’ devices and other devices (such as personal phones) that are enrolled in Intune show up as ‘personal’ - automatically.

Is there any way to do this automatically for new devices? Any helps appreciated.

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@Ali Fadavinia Could you please try manually adding one device on the corp device identifier by adding the serial number and name? 

Hi Ambarish,

Thanks for your response,

As I explained above, manual enrollment is not my concern. I ve been switching devices' ownership from personal to corporate manually once they show up there.

I want to configure it in a way that it happens automatically the way it was explained in Microsoft document - specially with the new coming devices:
Intune automatically assigns corporate-owned status to devices that are:

Enrolled with a device enrollment manager account (all platforms)
Enrolled with the Apple Device Enrollment Program, Apple School Manager, or
Apple Configurator (iOS only)
they explained it is happening but it does not.

@Ali Fadavinia When a device is enrolled via DEP/ ABM it should be marked as corporate as the documentation described. At our tenant DEP devices are shown with Ownership Corporate. But to be sure, it`s not only registering the devices with Apple ABM, existing devices not to be reset and re-enrolled. If that`s the case, I cannot think of what could cause this.

@Ali Fadavinia I understand your concern. My point was to check manually ["Enter Manually"] adding a device (not by using the csv upload) and see if the device shows up as corporate, just to rule out that if there is anything to do with the csv upload method.




Also noticed the below on the official documentation:

Some Android and iOS/iPadOS devices have multiple IMEI numbers. Intune only reads one IMEI number per enrolled device. If you import an IMEI number but it is not the IMEI inventoried by Intune, the device is classified as a personal device instead of a corporate-owned device. If you import multiple IMEI numbers for a device, uninventoried numbers display Unknown for enrollment status.

Also note: Serial Numbers are the recommended form of identification for iOS/iPadOSOS devices. 


Hello, @Peter Klapwijk I work with Ali.  We have brand new DEP/ABM devices that are showing as personal not corporate. We don't understand the reason why this would be. From the way we read the article all DEP/ABM devices should be designated as corporate. Is this a setting somewhere we need to change? Something we need to talk to our phone Vendor about? Some other mechanism we are unaware of?  

Thank you for your help with this. It's appreciated.

@Ambarish RH Thanks for your response and time.

Here is a very recent DEPped one just for today. The ownership is Personal.


We only use single IMEI for each device.

@Ali Fadavinia What is the process of the registration and enrollment? 
Because you guys talk about uploading IMEI numbers, but the supplier of the Iphone needs to register devices in Apple Business Manager (by serialnr). No need for you to upload imei numbers in the Intune portal.
In short;
The supplier does the registration in Apple BM. In ABM you need to make sure ABM is connected to Intune and here you assign the devices to your MDM Server.
In Intune you need to have an enrollment profile in-place and make sure the profile is assigned to the device.

For a good overview have a look at Robin his article

@Peter Klapwijk We do not upload the IMEI numbers, 


We Dep the device through ourselves directly or our vendors do that. We also use ABM.


Later on, user uses a VPP Intune Company Portal App ( which is pushed into the mobiles).

Some devices' ownership are marked and shown "Corporate" but a few appeared as "Personal".


Did you find a solution for this?
I currently have the exact same issue.

In ABM assign device to Intune
In Intune assign a profile to the device.
User downloads company portal and signs in.

Device stated as personal.
Not yet, I was not able to find an automated solution.

@Ali Fadavinia So how do you currently do it? And does some devices get correct corporate status and some personal?


Have you created a support ticket on this?

I also found a preview function called Enrollment types, it allows the user to pick personal or corporate or you can assign groups for device enrollment etc, have not used it yet as the function you describe should work.