[HL] and [ROW] at end of app name

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Intune App Protection Policies has 2 versions of officehub listed that can be added to your Android Protection Policy - one has [HL] at the end and the other has [ROW] at the end. "Office Hub [ROW]" and "Office Hub [HL]"  What do the [HL] and [ROW] represent?


If I go to the office hub app in the google play store I can get there using either "" or "" but not ""


Thanks in advance for any assistance.


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  • preinstalled on Samsung devices outside the US and China
  • preinstalled on Samsung devices in the US
  • this one is available in China stores

@eglockling Thank you so much for that information.  You're the best!!

@eglockling  Can you please help with "How to get the Intune app protection policies applied to Office Hub app?" for both Android and iOS.
I tried for Android - by adding the Office hub app to protected apps in my "Android App protection policies" which doesn't seem working for this app.




لطفا office موبایل را راه اندازی کنید