GIA - Get Intune Assignments Application

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Hello Everyone,


Some time ago I was struggling to get all Assignments Intune for a Specific Azure AD Group.

This option does not exist at console, and we need to run a lot of queries at MS Graph and/or use PowerShell to retrieve.


So, to help the community I started to create PowerShell scripts to help to query some of the Assignments but, still, I had a lot of scripts each one to retrieve a specific type of items (like profiles, conditional access, apps, etc).

After a while I decide to develop a C# .NET Application to facilitate the process.

Today I want to share with all you my GIA App (Get Intune Assignments).


It's available on my gitHub page:


sibranda/GetIntuneAssignments: Get Intune Assignments helps you to identify the Intune assignments t...


I hope this app can help you guys the same way is helping me and my customers.


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Hey thank you very much for this great cool tool! Helps a lot!