FIDO key authentication for registring MacOS via Company portal

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I have a specific case, where I have a new MacOS device and I try to get it managed via intune. 
The following steps:
1. New MacOS device Company portal

3. Key in my username and password 

4. select ''Security key'' authentication
5. Insert the YubiKey 5C NFC 

And That's where the company portal hangs. I tried with different device, different key, and different users, but all hangs in the company portal. 

Additional info:
#With Windows, FIDO key works just fine. so its highly not that the configuration problem. 
#No Proxy Interference

#Firewall was disabled

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Shady Khorshed

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I have exactly the same issue, did you ever get a response. Everything works on iOS and MacOS except the company portal?

Hi  @Blogged2Death
Basicly this enrollment method is not yet available in intune. I have tested many times and I've met FIDO Support and no technical solution is found. The issue here that MS is not offering this feature yet. 

I hope this helps you

Thanks @ShadyKhorshed ,

The machine was already enrolled in Intune through the company portal, I have since updated the account to use a FIDO2 key and now you can no longer sign into the company portal. Just a normal day for Microsoft products really, not polished or finished.