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I am the admin of Microsoft Intune for a small company. 

we have to send some phones to other users outside of the company and control the phones.

so I have 2 questions.

1. how can I add an external user or email address under the Group>Users? 

I don't want to create a company email for each one of the external users.


2. we have to send the phones out and they will be with external users for 1 year. 

I want to have SuperVision control on the phone so they can not remove any app or remove our access.

do we have this option? 

P.S: it will be mostly iPhone devices.


Thanks for your help.



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Regarding question #1, you can invite Guest users and give them a license I guess?

Hi PedramBK,

1. You can invite Guest User from Azure AD - Users - Guest Users - New Guest User - Fill the fields and you should be all set.

Note: If you can’t add, check the setting Under Azure AD - External Identities - External Collaboration Setting - Collaboration Restriction.

I strongly recommend force MFA on Guest users in your tenant using Conditional Access before sending the invitation.

2. I would register your tenant with Apple Business Manager (ABM) so you can use superviced model on you iPhones with Intune MDM control (Company Portal).


Hope this helps!


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