Error with Shared Profiles

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we've been testing Autopilot with 1 to 1 and shared device profiles.  I've ran into an issue with Shared profiles where we are receiving errors during the device preparation.  The errors are:




and it also gives me error 0x801c03ed during the registration of a shared device… (during Device preparation)


I've had support take a look and we made a few changes, no success. They sent me a script to collect logs and I've sent it in as you cannot collect logs at the time of error (nothing gets created).. no luck so far.


Devices doe meet the requirements for tpm 2.0 chips and the requirements for a shared device setup.


Has anyone else run into this?


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Hey! Yup I'm experiencing the same issue (0x800705b4 error) when attempting AutoPilot Self-Deploying on the following hardware:


  • Dell Inspiron 5000 

I've also had issues with AutoPilot Self-Deploying on the following hardware, but cannot recall the exact error code that I experienced, it may have been the same as the above hardware. I will be sure to update this thread once I recall the error:


  • Microsoft Surface Book 2
  • Microsoft Surface 3

Interestingly, when attempting to use AutoPilot Self-Deploying on, the following, I haven't encountered the error and Self-Deploying AutoPilot completes successfully:


  • Dell Optiplex 7050 (Micro Form Factor)