Entra ID Shared Device Mode Sign-out Button

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Hi All


I hope you are well.


Anyway, I'm configuring some devices in Entra ID Shared Device Mode and pretty easy so far.


One thing I have noticed is that there is NO obvious SIGN-OUT button, best I could find was to swipe down from the top > Account > Sign-out


Non-technical users may struggle with that.


Any ideas on how to display a more obvious Sign-out button?


Info appreciated

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@Stuart King 


We looked in to this some time ago but could not find any satisfying solution. The logout functionality isn't exposed it looks like (or at least is not described anywhere we checked). We gave up on getting some custom button and resorted to user manuals and clear instructions. Maybe somebody else found a solution (we are curious too) but it looks like the only thing left is a feature request to Microsoft.



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