Enrolling shared or kiosk Windows devices?

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We need to deploy a number of shared Windows computers and Kiosk computers.  I have found plenty of information on how to build profiles and manage them within Intune, but what I can't seem to find is any information on how to get them Into Intune.  It seems pretty straight forward to bring a laptop into Intune that will be used by a specific user, but not a device that will be shared by multiple users.


Can anyone point me towards some step-by-step procedures or video demonstrations for how to bring a hybrid joined device into Intune that isn't registered to a specific user?


Thanks in advance!

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It's not that hard. Start by setting up an Autopilot Self-deploying deployment profile, assigning your group with your shared and kiosk devices to that profile, assigning your kiosk and/or shared config profiles to the same group, and then: happy enrolling.