Edge Policy - Sites to open when the browser starts / RestoreOnStartupURLs

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Anyone else is struggling with the Intune policy “Sites to open when the browser starts” / “RestoreOnStartupURLs”, too?

Everything looks “compliant” at the Intune end but edge://policy doesn’t show the URL set in configuration profile (via settings catalog) and it doesn’t show the right URL.
W10 Business (Pro on M365BP), Egde 90.0.818.66, ARM, Intel

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As I don't see in the question itself. Did you also configure the action to take on startup?






also tried the same... but something is wrong with this setting in the settings catalog. I am missing the numbers you need to place in front of the sites te open.

The name has to be a number, not the same as the value


when I look at the setting when I pushed it from the settings catalog the name is the same as the value and it's not working anymore...

Thanks for testing to confirm the issue with settings catalog. I didn't cross-checked with reg - good point! I have now to figure out how to let Microsoft know that the issue exists.