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Hello Guys,

Hope Everyone doing Well !

I have one small doubt. I just need to create couple of policy's like

 a) Restrict email attachments of uploading any Data's in the Intune enrollment Devices.
b) Restrict one Drive application access to Personal Device.

If any one could help me. To create above these policy in Intune. It will great help for me.

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Hi Sanjay,

I moved this threat to Intune instead of Defender for Cloud Apps
@Keith_Fleming Do You have any Documentations of this. So I can follow that step to create this policy.

Hi @sanjay_senapati95! Let's see if we can put you on the right track here. 


Let's start with your point b): to restrict access to OneDrive (and other cloud apps, like Exchange Online, for that matter) you will need to employ Conditional Access. That looks like it's user-based, but don't be fooled. The "Filter for devices" option is immensely powerful and will let you include (or exclude) the policy based on device properties (including device ownership). 


Now, I don't really understand what you mean with point a). Could you elaborate?



Please find the snap shot. I want to block if any users trying to upload any file's or attachment in to the Gmail in office device it should block.


This Policy I will need to create.