Deplying apps to ipads via intune

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Hi all, I am struggling to deploy apps to ipads. I have set up VPP tokens on Endpoint but ever time I deploy an app to ipads its asking me to sign into the itunes account. Any ideas how I stop it asking and downloads apps without user interaction. These devices are supervised, we dont want to set accounts on the devices as they will be used by young people so we want it to just open without any locks or difficulties. We used apple configurator to enrol these devices. 
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Hi @AB21805,

Can you check under the assignment of the vpp application if user context is selected? If yes can you change it to device context.

Please test this again and the app should be installed without the user Apple ID login screen.

Check this blog for instructions:

Please let me know if this fix your problem and mark my answer as the solution please.

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I have managed to deploy apps but now I get the message in the screenshot regardless so the app will install but the message to sign in still comes up every time any ideas? Also even if the devices are locked enrolment , on the device you can still remove the management @Mr_Helaas any ideas? 


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Hi @AB21805


For all the applications that you have assigned you have to change the assignment from user license type to device type.  


Intune portal -> Apps -> All apps -> select VPP app -> edit assignment 



In contrast to user licenses, device licenses are assigned to a device. Therefore you need a license for each device. Because the apps are assigned to the device, there is no need for an association with an Apple ID. 


If you get the prompt again, unassign all applications and find out which application is causing the promp to assign them one for one.




For your second question and fixing the blocking the unenrollment you can change the following in the Intune portal 


Intune portal -> Tenant Administration -> Customization -> Edit settings 


Change hide remove button on corporate iOS/iPadOS Devices. The end user cannot remove management within the company portal.



Also you have enable the following setting in the device restriction profile 
Intune portal -> Devices -> configuration profiles -> Device restriction iOS


Add block configuration profile changes.



Please let me know if this fix your problem and mark my answer as a solution.

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