Deploy SCEP Certificate via Intune to iOS Version 15 devices

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We have a problem with one of our customers that certificates are not enrolled on iOS 15.x.x devices via the Intune SCEP. The policy itself works because it is successfully applied to devices that have iOS version 16.x.x and these devices then also have a certificate.


Device information:

iOS Version: 15.7.7

Device: Apple iPad Air 2

Has anyone encountered such a problem?
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Hey Shady, did you tried to read the device logs?

1. Download and install Apple Configurator 2 on an macOS Device.
2. Connect the iOS device to the Mac and trust the computer
3. Start the Apple Configurator 2
4. Within the "All Devices" view double-click on the device attached to the Mac. An overview of the device is shown
5. On the left hand menu bar click on "Console". The console of the device opens showing a live log

Maybe you can see an error message for the certificates there?

Thanks for the comment. :smile: 

I believe next week I'll get right on extracting the logs from the iOS device.

This is a MS article explians how to troubleshoot SCEP certificate.