deploy msi app with intune

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hello people,

i am new to intune so please bare with me.

we were recently asked to install a new XDR to our laptops. so the company gave us their .MSI and there's no other files with it. so i went to Intune

  1. All Apps > Add > Line-Of-Business app
  2. Uploaded the package >
  3. Under Assignments > i Added a group that i created
  4. Group created in Azure AD then i added 2 test machines into that group
  5. Next > Create
  6. Went to the machines and ran a Sync 

nothing happens and when i go to the app to check the device install status it's 0.


what am i missing ?


thank you for your help


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How long did you wait until you got results?
3 hours , ran a few sync actions . rebooted . nothing seems to happen
Did you make it available or required?
required ... is the MDM and MAM related to this ? i inherited this configuration so not sure what the prerequisites are. MDM and MAM set to allow specific groups ... should my device or my user be a part of those groups ? or is this unrelated ?

i also noticed that the group membership for the 2 test devices shows empty 


i created the group in azure ad and added the devices to that group. is there another way to do this ?

Yes, the device needs to be enrolled in MDM so ensure the primary user of the device is allowed for automatic MDM enrollment and is assigned with an Intune licence.
Is the device correctly enrolled and checking into Intune?
well the device is correctly enrolled and checking into intune however , i have Office 365 E5 license with does not include intune i suppose
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That is most likely your problem. You need a full Intune license assigned to the primary user.