DENSO Barcodescanner System Apps

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I'm currently trying to get a Denso BHT-M80 to properly work, deployed as a dedicated Device. 

If you Set up the device without Intune after the basic Android Setup, a pre-configured install process from Denso starts for all the necessary apps for the scanner to work. 

I did found out how u can allow system apps with Intune. I added all the apps and services I could find with an app called “Package Viewer”. The installation process seems to start but fails without an error code. 
Luckily, the pre-installed logging App seems to install just fine. I already send the Denso distributor here the log-files. But I'm not very hopeful because of previous interactions. (If you want, I can provide you with the files)

I was hoping one of you guys could have some insight or experience with Denso and Intune or a direction you can give me.

Thanks for your time

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