ConnectWise Automate to Intune Migration

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I have a small group of users that are being added to my environment from a recent company merger. That company was being managed by an MSP who uses ConnectWise Automate for deploying device management, Windows Updates, and remote control. They want to pull these systems into our existing Intune environment and manage the updates here. While I'm testing, they want to keep the MSP and ConnectWise in place. I've started testing on a couple of these systems and I can't seem to get Automate's update processes to get out of way so Intune can do the work. It appears that Intune simply doesn't have control of the update process. Any suggestions?




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It the settings were done one like they would be when using Group Policy, you could configure this : . But the MSP should be able to exclude your test device(s) from Windows Update settings from Connect Wise...
Thanks for the reply on this. I re-re-verified these settings and checked with the MSP, who has excluded all devices from Windows Updates. Still hunting for the resolution however.