Configure alerts or reports on conflicting Intune configuration policies

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I am setting up delegated admin access to Intune. We have many different, local IT departments, I want to give them access only to their policies. This bit is fairly straight forward using assignments and scope tags. We have minimum standards we need them to adhere to but we'd like to give them freedom to create new compliance and configuration policies. With compliance policies, this approach is easy. The most restrictive wins. Given that our central compliance policy is a minimum standard, we can be sure that our central policy does it's job. The complicated bit is device restrictions which are set in device configuration settings. When there is a conflicting profile setting, it will be flagged in the Intune portal. This means we will have to constantly monitor for conflicts. Is there a way to get an alert or report for conflicting configuration policies? I know this can be done for compliance policies.  

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As far as i know, only by custom script. With help of Intune Powershell samples you can get info about configs and just compare that.

@Alexander Vanyurikhin thanks for that. I tried looking for something in Powershell that would do that but without comparing line by line, I could not see how to do that. Do you have any ideas?

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@Terry Hugill I highly recommend posting this as a feature idea on


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