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Hi Guys

 I'm new to MDM/MEM. We are using Company Portal to distribute the Apps with the school scenario. But too many apps sitting on the Company Portal. Can we create different locations/folders or kind of categorization inside the Company Portal, such as Primary School Apps, Middle School Apps, High School Apps.


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That should be great indeed... but for now, so far as I know it can't be done...
There is no such thing I guess. It might be really helpful!

Perhaps it is a good idea to drop this within the User Voice of Intune:

Hi @Anushka_Silva,


I think you should have a look at the built-in Category feature for the Win32 Apps and Company Portal. You define a Category on the Win32 app and these are then used to categorize your apps in the Comapny Portal. you could easily then use your proposed categories like Primary School Apps, Middle School Apps, High School Apps.








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Is this for Administration or User's?
For Users We curate our App store.
We use o365 security Groups so users only see the apps that are available to them. In your case we would put all users in Primary School in one group so they would only see the primary apps.
And as @Oliver Kieselbach suggested we use the Category to filter them further.