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Company Portal inconsistencies for Windows apps assigned to devices

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We're deploying a Win32 app to Intune enrolled devices.  Assigning as Required or Available to a User group works as expected.  The app shows as available in the Company Portal via both versions of the Company Portal: a URL in Edge ( or the Win 10 Start menu (Company Portal shortcut).  Once installed, the app shows as installed in both Portal versions.


However, when we assign as Required to a Device group, the app installs but it doesn't show as available or installed via either versions of the Company Portal.  There is no indication that it was assigned.


If we also assign the app as Available to the User group, along with Required for the Device group, the app will show as available in the Edge URL but as not installed, even though it was installed.  However, the app will show as installed in the Start menu version of Company Portal.


This is confusing to our users and support personnel.  We believe the Company Portal should show the same app information whether a user launches it from the Start menu or browses to the website.



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Hi @rejohnson,


It is by design that only available/required user group assigned apps will be displayed in the Company Portal. 


Available assignments are only valid for user groups, not device groups.

Assign apps to groups in Microsoft Intune | Microsoft Docs


So, device group assigned apps will be installed but not displayed in the company portal. So you could consider to change the assignment to user group.


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We need to target specific PCs but users can sign on to several different PCs. This is a huge problem in general with Intune as MSFT assumes for no valid reason that there is only one primary user and one PC for that user. Not that way for manufacturing businesses! My issue here is with the inconsistency between the Company Portal website and the Company Portal app. Telemetry should be the same, in any case.

hi @rejohnson ,


take a look at the following Microsoft page. I think it is as design.


Still this doesn’t fix your problem, I have the following question and maybe I can help you with a solution that fits.


Why do you use the webbrowser and the start menu version?  


Did you configure your pc’s in shared mode?

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Hi @rejohnson! MSFT doesn't assume there will always be one primary user. That's why they offer shared multi-user configurations ( 


That being said, I do agree with you that the Company Portal should reflect the same information in all locations. I haven't seen the behavior you're describing before, but I also never assigned the same app to both a device and a user, so maybe that's what's causing it. 


The only thing I can think of right now is that the detection rules you configured somehow have a different result when evaluated.


This might be a stupid question but I'm curious :lol:: why isn't your support staff looking in Intune for this information? I'm assuming they can get a lot more info from that.