Cloud Attach Co-Management (SCCM+Intune) to Intune Standalone Migration

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We have requirements where client already configured co-management cloud attach (SCCM+Intune) hybrid model deployed and due to some organization requirements they plan to migrate on Intune Standalone without SCCM client which means all devices/polices will be managed by Intune only. I just go through different Microsoft blogs but did not find proper documentation instead of this.


Can anyone guide how to do that. In case if it is manual approach any step or considerations or end user impact.





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If your devices are already in co-managed state then your main work is done. You can start moving all the workloads to Intune and when ready, remove the ConfigMgr agent from the devices. There isn't any user impact because of this, but a lot will depend on your policy configuration in Intune. For example - Update rings. The only other thing that you will probably need to get sorted is the identity state during Autopilot. If the requirement is still hybrid then you will need to ensure the pre-reqs are in place for this to work. Like VPN profile.
Hi Rahul,

Thanks again for the clarification, If requirement is not hybrid then do we need to take care autopilot too or not?
Well Autopilot is used for provisioning devices. It works well with AAD, but hybrid join is supported. So if you are planning to use autopilot to provision new devices using AAD then you should definitely go for it.
Hi Rahul,
Ok, got it well devices are already enrolled so once get clarity will definitely share the experience. Thanks once again.