Chrome Policies: Cookie handling

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I am looking into Intune policies for Chrome to secure the browser - I would like to block third party cookies for untrusted sites (* all), but allow it for trusted sites to make sure they are fully working. Is that possible and does ist need a special configuration?

So far I tried
<enabled/><data id="CookiesAllowedForUrlsDesc" value="***"/>

But it does not seem to combine. Any hints? According to chrome://policy/ it's all listed.

Or do I maybe need to adjust the content - for example for how can I include and I only added to the allow list.


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Enable 'Block third party cookies' using MEM

Follow these steps to apply a MEM policy:

Go to the Devices-> Configuration profiles
To update an existing policy:
Click on the policy name in the list

In the navigation bar, click on Properties
Next to Configuration settings click on Edit

If you’d like to create a new policy, click on the Create Policy button

in the side panel, choose:
Platform: Windows 10 and later
Profile Type: Administrative Templates
Click on Create button

In the Configuration settings wizard step, set the following:
Set Computer Configuration-> Google>Type third (in search box)>Block Third-party Cookies>enabled
Complete all remaining wizard steps, review and Save policy