Autopilot Error Joining Domain

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I am trying to get Autopilot rolled out for a bunch of new PCs. I feel like I'm 99% there but am getting stuck on one last thing. When at the OOBE, I'm getting our branding and I can get past the Device Preperation and Device Setup steps. However, once those are complete, the computer reboots and takes me to a Windows login screen, with our login disclaimer banner, and when I login it starts the Account Setup. It never gets past Joining your orgainzation's network and will eventually error out. The weird thing is that it is joining the computer to the domain as I see the computer in the OU we configured for Autopilot. I'm not sure what is hanging it up.

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Hybrid Autopilot has a few moving parts, but its always best to disable User ESP with it.  Many here will tell you to avoid it and go Cloud native Entra joined where possible.

Sorry, where do I create that at? Is that under Configuration Profile?

I assume the device has a line of sight to the dc? and you configured the skip user status page ?