Autopilot enrollment does not work

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I'm having an issue with a customer that I'm helping to test Autopilot deployment for Windows 10 1809. 



When booting up the devices the OOBE does not load the Autopilot profile. After network selection it just asks for Microsoft account login and does not accept my Azure AD accounts (no Autopilot branding is displayed).


I have looked in Event viewer but the logs does not tell me that anything goes wrong. In the registry I cannot see any Autopilot information that should be present if it's working OK.


Set up:

On-Prem domain with synced accounts. Autentication by ADFS.

I have run all pre-req set up from MS documentation.

Company branding set up in Azure AD.

MDM user scope configured.

Lenovo PCs manually imported to Autopilot and deployment profile assigned.


The deployment profile is set up for Hybird Azure AD Join and the Intune connector is up and running.

Any idéas what I'm missing? It's like the devices does not see that they are assined to Autopilot.

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Since a couple of days we also see some issues with the OOBE.
We raised a ticket for it, according to the MS person 6 other related tickets were raised in the last few days. On most of the machines is it OK again, but still (at least) one has the issue for 3 days now.

One of the machines with this issue we sometimes see the OOBEIDPS message as error.
Reimaged/reimported the machine multiple times.