Autopillot self-deploying mode and Windows Updates

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Hi all,


Looking for help in getting W10 devices to patch whilst in sleep mode. I would be looking to put the Windows 10 device to sleep then deploying updates overnight. Set up is as follows


- Lenovo T470s Laptop

- Windows 10 1903

- OS Deployed using Autopilot self-deploying mode. Laptop is in Shared PC mode


The area which is unclear to me is as follows.

The setting in Shared PC mode below suggests that this is the period when maintenance starts

Shared multi-user device

Maintenance start time(in minutes from midnight)


I believe I would have to use a Windows Update Ring alongside this to deploy the updates. Hovwever, there doesn't seem to be documentation detailing how to achieve this. i.e. waking form sleep mode and deploying updates using Windows update rings?


Any advice appreciated 





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I now have this working using a combination of 

- Windows Update Rings

               -Set to Auto install and restart at maintenance time (2am)

- Intune Device Profiles

               -Delivery Optimisation Profile for deployment of Update ring

               - Profile to set the active hours for device use

- Ethernet cabled Laptop device that is put to sleep overnight