App Protection iOS & Android - the operation couldn't be completed (MSALErrorDomain error -50000)

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Hi All!


I have a strange behavior.


The current setup is:

We are using iOS and Android devices with conditional access policies and application protection policies. The conditional access policies are enforcing the application protection policy.

The app protection policy is enforcing a 4 digit PIN code to access the Microsoft 365 apps.


The future setup is:

The updated app protection policy will enforce a 6 digit PIN code, instead of the 4 digit PIN code.


The behavior / problem:

Enabling the new policy for a test user group leads to the following problems:

  • on IOS the user gets a authentication loop: the authentication has to be done 6-7x and after that an error message appears: 


  • On Android there is also a sing-in loop, where the user has to sign-in several times.

With this behaviour we cannot roll the update for 5000 users out.


Does anybody know how to adress the issue?




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Hi just wondering but could you tell us which app is giving you that error? And are the office 365 apps uptodate ?as well as the device itself?


The error you got means "user canceled interactive authentication" if i am not mistaken
ANd I am also reading app protection policies, do the devices also have the broker app installed (mfa auth or for android the company app portal)

And are those devices mdm enrolled or are they byod?


Thanks for your reply.
The answers to your question:
MS Teams is the application, device and app is up to date.

On Android the Intune Company Portal App is installed.

These are Android and iOS bring your own-devices.

Just wondering, but what happens when (if thats possible) they first open Microsoft outlook to check if that's working and if so open teams... 


Could you also show us the CA config in wich you enforce app protection ?


And maybe a stupid thought... but are terms of use configured ? 

Unfortunately we the migration to Exchange Online is pendent. :)

The CA looks like this:

All Users
Office 365 Apps
Device Plattforms: Android, iOS
Client Apps: Browser, Mobile apps and desktop clients
All device state

Access Controls:
Require MFA
frequency: 30 days

Terms of use is configured, but is not required for the mobile device conditional access policy.

I am assuming al these users alrady have mfa :P.

Thats the only policy ? and the app protection ca policy?


Sure, they do have MFA. :)


The app protection policy is this: (the new one, the older one had a pin length of 4 digits and enabled third party keyboards.



Target to apps on all device types
Device types
Public apps
Microsoft Invoicing
Microsoft Kaizala
Microsoft Power Apps
Microsoft Edge
Microsoft 365 Admin
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Bookings
Microsoft Office
Microsoft OneNote
Microsoft Planner
Microsoft Power BI
Microsoft SharePoint
Microsoft StaffHub
Microsoft OneDrive
Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Lists
Microsoft Stream
Microsoft To-Do
Microsoft Visio Viewer
Microsoft Whiteboard
Custom apps

Data protection

Prevent backups
Send org data to other apps
Policy managed apps
Save copies of org data
Allow user to save copies to selected services
OneDrive for Business
Transfer telecommunication data to
Any dialer app
Dialer App URL Scheme
Receive data from other apps
All Apps
Open data into Org documents
Allow users to open data from selected services
OneDrive for Business
Restrict cut, copy, and paste between other apps
Any app
Cut and copy character limit for any app
Third party keyboards
Encrypt org data
Sync policy managed app data with native apps or add-ins
Printing org data
Restrict web content transfer with other apps
Any app
Unmanaged browser protocol
Org data notifications

Access requirements

PIN for access
PIN type
Simple PIN
Select minimum PIN length
Touch ID instead of PIN for access (iOS 8+/iPadOS)
Override biometrics with PIN after timeout
Not required
Timeout (minutes of inactivity)
Face ID instead of PIN for access (iOS 11+/iPadOS)
PIN reset after number of days
Number of days
App PIN when device PIN is set
Work or school account credentials for access
Not required
Recheck the access requirements after (minutes of inactivity)

Conditional launch

Max PIN attempts
Reset PIN
Offline grace period
Block access (minutes)
Offline grace period
Wipe data (days)
Jailbroken/rooted devices
Block access
Min OS version
Block access
Min OS version
Wipe data


WHen trying to connect, could you share the sign in event from the sign in log? so we can rule out any existing ca's blocking the login.
What happens when you exclude 1 user (to test with) from this app protection policy? (delete the app first to be sure no app protection policy is already applied to it)
Sing in event log: everything normal, State=success, no other conditional access is blocking, also double checked via "what if" tool.

The behavior for the excluded user is normal: there is no message and the user can use teams.
You posted the ca rule for requiring mfa... no ca rule to enforce app protection or approved apps?
Unfortunately we the migration to Exchange Online --> I guess that part didn't arrived at my brains

"You can create mobile app management policies for Office mobile apps that connect to Microsoft 365 services. You can also protect access to Exchange on-premises mailboxes by creating Intune app protection policies for Outlook for iOS/iPadOS and Android enabled with hybrid Modern Authentication. Before using this feature, make sure you meet the Outlook for iOS/iPadOS and Android requirements. App protection policies are not supported for other apps that connect to on-premises Exchange or SharePoint services. "

Couldnt it be that because teams makes use of exchange... that that's the reason app protection policies arent going to work for teams (yet)
Thanks once again your reply. :)

We have only configured the app protection policies for the services we use. :) (App Protection Scope are now all MS Apps, excluding Outlook and Edge) .

A second step will be, to force the ca policy to use app protection. For now, every access for MS Teams is under app protection via the app protection policies.

I just created a user with an exchange online mailbox and the behaviour is the same. I think it is time to open a Microsoft case.
Mmm... I guess its becoming hard indeed to troubleshoot further as I don't have access to the ms infra :p ... If you get response from them... please share :)
I am seeing the same issue and trying to troubleshoot. If anyone has a solution please advise.