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I'm hoping someone can help me here as I'm out of ideas. We have configured our Intune portal within Azure with some very basic compliance settings, and published a few managed google play store apps to devices, just so we could test functionality as it is our first time using Intune. Deploying the managed store apps to android for work devices was very easy. I could install, or make them available in the play store without any concern.


Where we are struggling is with our in house LOB apps. I add them as Android LOB apps to the Intune portal, specify the assignments and every time I get a "Not Applicable" warning when a device attempts to retrieve the app. It also does not appear in the Managed play store on the users handset. 


I've tried everything I can think of to push these LOB apps, but nothing works. Am I missing something stupid here? Should the apk files just push to the device and install under the work profile? Are there extra steps that I have to take?


If anyone could help, I'd really appreciate it.




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Did you configure the app package file?  I had to do it a couple of times to have it take for some reason.


I assume you already read thru this

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your response. I have seen that KB, I've entered all of the app information that I can, such as URL etc within the Intune portal but that hasn't made a difference as yet.


Do I need to "wrap" the apk file to make it compatible with the Intune SDK? I've read bits about this but nothing that confirms either way this needs to be done? 


I don't configure the mobile apps myself, that is another department in our business. So if that is the case, I guess I would speak to them to get the apps ready for Intune?





Hi everyone,


i have the same problem.

I uploaded the apk and assigned it to available and required, but nothing happens.

Because of a new techcommunity account, this is just a short response to follow up the thread. :)

Hi @mrstevesalmon,


Did you get this sorted?


If you did not upload your LOB app to managed Google Play this is something you have to do when working with Android Enterprise. All apps for Android should now be managed via Google Play and not the EMM, alltough you still assign the app in Intune.


See this article on Google: