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I have a set of android tablets that are fully dedicated devices.  I have a few apps set to required and couple apps set to available for enrolled devices.  These are all managed play store apps.  In the past, the user of the tablet could uninstall the apps that were set to available for enrolled devices and reinstall them for troubleshooting purposes etc.  Now, those same apps will no longer uninstall.  I still have the option to uninstall in the play store on those apps but when I choose uninstall the app just spins

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Perhaps you might try Rudy's suggestion in this thread: Uninstall an app from an Android device


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I can do that and it works. However, I have about 700 tablets that need to be able to uninstall one app when it encounters an issue and would rather them have the ability to do that on the tablet instead of engaging me every time the app needs to be uninstalled and reinstalled. They had this ability on the tablet at least a month ago and nothing had changed in the configuration of the tablets. So I am just wondering if something from Intune changed or there is currently a bug happening that Microsoft needs to address.