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Hi. I would like to create administrative units for managing users (I have been informed this is not available yet for devices)  There is a requirement for IT to only be able to manage users from their location so AU's are what we need to implement. However I still see no documentation and not even sure if this has been rolled out yet or if this is still in preview. I also installed the AzureADPreview module but PowerShell commands were missing.

Can someone inform me if AU's are still in preview ?  Thanks in advance.

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Hi there,

Seen Scope tags?


@Magnus Sandtorv 

Hi. Thanks for the reply. Scope tags I can maybe use for devices. I see now that custom roles to manage users is probably coming to PIM and will replace administrative units which is maybe why the Powershell commands have gone from the AzureADPreview but I can find no confirmation of this. At the end of this article it mentions groups and users: